Dear Valued Member,

To ensure that you continue receiving important emails from us without interruption, it's essential to
whitelist our email addresses.
Whitelisting tells your email provider that you trust and want to receive
emails from us. This brief guide will walk you through the simple steps to whitelist our email addresses in
various popular email clients.

For Gmail Users:

  1. Open Your Gmail Account: Log in to your account.
  2. Find an Email from Us: Check your inbox for an email from us. If you don't see one, check the Spam or
    Junk folder.
  3. Mark as Not Spam: If our email is in Spam, open the email and click on the 'Not spam' button at the
    top of the page.
  4. Add to Contacts: Open the email, hover over our sender name, and a window will appear. Click on “Add
    to Contacts” to save our address in your contacts list.
  5. Create a Filter: Click the gear icon in the upper right corner, then select 'See all settings'. Go to 'Filters
    and Blocked Addresses' and click on 'Create a new filter'. In the 'From' section, type our email address.
    Click 'Create filter', check 'Never send it to Spam', and click 'Create filter' again.

For Yahoo Mail Users:

  1. Open Your Yahoo Mail: Log in to your Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Add to Contacts: Click on the gear icon, then 'More Settings'. Go to 'Filters' and click 'Add new filters'.
    Enter a name for the filter, add our email address in the 'From' field, select 'Inbox' as the folder to move
    to, and click 'Save'.
  3. Check Spam Folder: Regularly check your Spam folder. If you find an email from us there, mark it as
    'Not Spam'.

For Outlook Users:

  1. Open Outlook: Log in to your Outlook account
  2. Add to Safe Senders: Go to 'Settings', then 'View all Outlook settings'. Click on 'Mail', then 'Junk email'.
    Under 'Safe senders and domains', click 'Add' and enter our email address.
  3. Check the Junk Folder: If our emails are in your Junk Email folder, open the email and click 'Not junk' at
    the top of the page.

For Apple Mail Users:

  1. Open Apple Mail: Access your Apple Mail account.
  2. Add to Contacts: Open an email from us, click on our email address at the top of the email, and select
    'Add to Contacts'.
  3. Create a Rule: Go to 'Mail' in the menu, select 'Preferences', then 'Rules'. Click 'Add Rule', name the
    rule, and set the condition to 'From' is equal to our email address. Set the action to 'Move Message' to
    the mailbox 'Inbox'.

General Tips:

  1. Check Your Spam/Junk Folder Regularly: Sometimes emails may still end up in spam. Regular checks
    can help you find and mark them as 'Not Spam'.
  2. Update Your Email Settings: Email clients often update their systems, which may change how filters or
    settings work. Keep your settings updated.
  3. Contact Us If You're Having Issues: If you're still not receiving our emails, please contact us for

By following these steps, you can ensure that our emails always reach your inbox, keeping you up-to-date
with the latest news, updates, and exclusive offers from us. We value your participation and want to make
sure you're always in the loop!

Best regards,

Team Zumeze